We are passionate about facilitating growth through group learning which is an exciting and cost effective way to gain new knowledge with social support.


At The Jacaranda Centre we recognise that not everyone wants or needs to see a therapist one on one. This is where groups can be a great avenue to accessing support and information, in a group of peers with similar difficulties which can be validating and may even facilitate change faster than from individual therapy in some cases.


Attending a group can also be a good addition to having individual therapy, especially where people feel alone in their problems and will benefit from discussing and practicing skills in the group context. It is usually a good idea to take a break from individual therapy while attending a group.


Groups can also be a more affordable option compared to individual therapy, costing usually around one third to half the cost of one on one appointments. Additionally, if the person attending the group is eligible for a Mental Health Plan from their GP then up to 10 group sessions can be rebated per calendar year, on top of the 10 sessions available in individual therapy (that is, 20 rebates in total). The group rate rebate is usually at least one third of the cost of attending which makes attending even more affordable.


If your child has an NDIS plan that allows for early childhood or therapeutic supports then they may be able to attend under their NDIS plan with no out of pocket expense (apart from costs incurred attending the centre).

Children’s Groups

  • Cool Kids (anxiety management for children aged 7 – 12yo)
  • Cool Kids, ASD adaptation (for children aged 7 – 12yo with an Autism spectrum diagnosis)

Groups for Parents and Carers

  • Cool Little Kids (anxiety management in young children under 6yo, this group is for parents)
  • Tuning Into Kids (for parents who want to understand their children’s behaviours/emotions)
  • Circle of Security (for parents who want to connect to their children more)
  • Bringing Up Great Kids (for parents who want to understand themselves as parents and why they parent they way they do – with an aim of improving connection if needed, and establishing clear behaviour management)
  • Triple P (behaviour management for parents of children 2-12 years)

Social Skills building groups – under construction

If you would like to put your name on the list to be notified for our next group, want to ask us to consider running a particular group, or have an enquiry about an upcoming group, please complete the online contact us page with the group you are interested in, the age of your child (if a child focused group) and your preferred contact information.

Seminars, Presentations and Workshops

Please contact us to request a seminar for your workplace either at The Jacaranda Centre or in your place of work.


We have a fully equipped seminar room for your comfort which takes the stress out of organising space in your own workplace. We do all of the set up and pack up, as well as provide refreshments so that your team can focus on getting the most out of the content, free from workplace distractions.


We have also recently been involved in an exciting Innovative Project providing intensive mentoring support to a local early childcare centre aimed at modifying and improving systems for long term shifts to better support children with trauma backgrounds. Contac us if you are an Early Childcare Centre and would like more information about how we can mentor you staff.

Recent presentations from our Psychologists include:

  • Strategy development for a local preschool regarding management of children with challenging behaviours;
  • Speaking with educators about preparing and supporting children with transition to Kindergarten;
  • An explanation of the processes involved in psychology assessments and reports for a large NDIS provider;
  • Discussing child developmental assessments and differential diagnosis with local GPs.

Current Workshops


Groups - Cool Littel Kids option1 - girl with eyes closed

Is your child excessively shy or anxious?


The Cool Little Kids Program is a group treatment program for parents of children aged 3-6 years who exhibit excessive shyness or anxiety.

The program equips parents with both knowledge, practical skills and tips on how to help their child manage and overcome anxiety.